Renting An Apartment: Pre Requisites


A strange thing happened when someone invited his friend to his rented house for the whole night; he found out that his rent agreement has been terminated. Why? Because he violated its terms and conditions which we often skip reading before signing the rent agreement. It stated that you can’t call over a friend of yours to the home without taking prior permission from the owner. This is a strange case of portland oregon apartments for rent which obviously shook the ones who were living in that apartment and they are now hunting for a new shelter. There are certain things which we skip asking before renting an apartment. Renting an apartment is a form of lease agreement wherein the lessor has the property rights to his name but he lets you to use the property for a specified period of time by inhibiting a certain amount of rent fees which he may or may not change during the course of agreement depending on the market scenario.

The lessee generally pays some rent money in advance to share a mutual bond between both the parties. This is a commonly used marketing process but then some odd things might make it cumbersome for some. While settling on a deal, always remember to ask some things beforehand from the lessor. Some of which include taking permission for painting the walls, owning a pet, guests sleeping over, society rules or quiet hours, parking issues, property dealer and his commission, exit issues or person responsible, in case of a shared agreement if anything runs out of place. These days’ landlords have become very clever. They indirectly shell out money from the lessee by charging him for various facilities like providing an extra parking space, extra cable connection, extra rent for pets etc. Day in, day out; small children tend to play with walls by painting on them or scratching them with blades etc which deteriorates their condition day by day. In some cases, it is a mutual consent as to who will pay for the paint or which will pay the electrician in case of a power failure. Always remember that they are in the business domain to make more and more money. So, no matter what they will try to make most of their money from you. It’s completely up to you to make things work in your favor.

While renting their first apartment people tend to visualize the end rather than focusing on the process. So, most of the traps are set to chuckle these new bees, who don’t know that dark purple paint might not go with them because it will entirely depend on the agreement which they sign blindfolded. It is always advised to have a healthy discussion with the landlord before finalizing the deal. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or an experienced one, tricks can easily be misinterpreted..

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